Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Keeping The Faith

Since it's been such a long absence, I'll start of by saying I survived the winter of 2014 with no major disasters or anything too eventful. That, for me is just fine and I don't mind having it quiet, even on the downright boring side for a change. Must be because I'm getting older..Still it hasn't been dull, that's for sure!
Ari is still alive and kicking and will be celebrating her 12th birthday this summer. She's doing her best to keep me on my toes by being very persnickety in her eating habits. I finally figured out that it's best to just keep it simple and put out food and ignore her. The more fuss I made over her not eating, and the more worried I became the more she baulked, so I just gave up on all the fancy home cooked "balanced diets" I was trying to coax her gourmet taste buds with, and broke down and bought some high quality organic dry kibble and put that out and she nibbles when she's hungry. I bake chicken thighs and debone one for dinner time, drop that in her bowl and walk away, soon after it's disappeared. She sometimes expresses a curoisity for what I'm eating, but often times just turns her nose up when it's offered so that's that, and I don't force anything. This seems to be our new "happy place" of mutual agreement now, and obviously, she's getting her nutritional requirements met and we are at peace again. I'm all for opting out on stress these days. My fancy beloved embroidery machine had need of a vacation and decided to quit working (tension and over-heating issues) right before the holidays and I've been playing email tag with the lady who repairs it and finally now that it's April(good grief!)was able to make an appointment to see her this coming Friday, so fingers crossed. When I get it back I will be anxious to go back into production for restocking my etsy shops which have been sitting sadly neglected for way to long.
Mostly this winter I spent my time on Ravelry and enjoyed knitting to the max! Here's some of the things I've made this year: Then too I've had my first official clean-up day out in the yard, raking and pulling and cleaning up Ari's gifts left after the snow melted, and am planning on trying to actually do a small scale garden this season if all goes according to plans. Since last year was a no show because of foot and balance issues there is quite a mess to keep me occupied before planting can commence, but I'm hoping with all my therapy and exercising it will pay off and things will get organized sooner or later if I can remember "Easy Does It" and not work on the overkill and die principle this year.. we'll see how it goes.