Saturday, November 10, 2012

As anyone who has been following my blog has noticed I haven't written for many moons. This was because I had more losses to deal with and just couldn't write about them any more..about a month after Cleo crossed over Jesse went to join her having developed a large and rapidly growing inoperable tumor in his abdomen, we felt it best to help him over before he had to endure the pain of a rupture and I had a few short weeks to spend with him to say goodbye before the signs indicated it was time..he got to meet some horses and take walks and spend his last moments eating cookies before he drifted off to sleep. It was the best possible ending I could give him and I am glad I could do this for my boy who gave his unconditional love to me for so many years..I still and will always continue to miss him..
Then as many of you who know me personally knew, I had also been told that my beloved Peter had another form of cancer and I had been starting to use homeopathic remedies with some miraculous and positive results and was able to extend his life for an extra year I believe following this path. Alas, no dog can live forever no matter how badly we wish or will it, and in May of this year Peter the wonder dog went to join his pack on the other side after fighting the good fight and making rebound after rebound till that last day when I knew it was time and there would be no more reprieves.He helped me walk through this last day and was strong for the both of us, because I clearly was a basket case. He knew and understood what was happening and was accepting(way more so than I) and showed me through his spirit and courage and total lack of fear and sense of peace that it would be okay and he would always be with me no matter that his body could not stay any longer. With great dignity and sense of purpose he was with me till the end, and I will always be grateful to him for accepting me with my frailties and loving me throughout our life together as much and more than any human could be entitled to..
The animals I have been priviledged to live with and share my life with will always mean more to me than any human I have ever known,sorry's just the facts..their love is unconditional and never failing and they accept me for who I am..and love me beyond reason as I do them..I am banking on the fact that the rainbow bridge is not merely fantasy or fiction, because it is what gives me strength to go on, knowing that some day I will be reunited with them all again. Meanwhile Arielle and Foley and I continue on enjoy our days traveling on our earth path looking forward to the day when our whole pack is once again reunited on that great sled trail in the sky..