Friday, April 8, 2011

Many Thanks!

Jesse came through his surgery well, he is home resting and trying not to rip the bandage off..I am choosing not to have the growth biopsied because I don't want to know if it is cancerous. I wouldn't put him through the treatments anyway, so we will think positive thoughts and say our prayers..

The good news is I did find another vet and we love her! They didn't charge near as much as the first vet quoted and they were much more friendly and caring and Jesse just loved all the attention.I knew he was in good hands..I am so happy to have found her and it's not that much further than the other place I had been using but was never comfortable with, so it all worked out for good in the end..

I wanted to thank you all once more for all your contributions and kind words of support. You made this possible and the surgery is almost covered through your generosity... He will get the stitches out next week and soon he'll be running out in the yard again. I am recovering too, Cleo is hanging in, for those of you who have asked, I am hoping the warm weather will help her arthritis and make it easier for her to get around, so she can be pain free and with us for as long as possible. Thanks again!!