Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Magic - Kool Aid, not just for drinking

You all know I've been knitting using the yarn I have dyed myself with KoolAid and food coloring and have been enjoying it immensely. This summer I decided to take the plunge and do a batch for my etsy shop which I call Faerieknitz you can see it by clicking on the link to the shop in the right side bar.
I'm hoping to have some sales so I can invest in more yarn to build it up. So far I've had some good views and lots of hearts and even my first Yarn sale!
I thought about doing a tutorial blog but this would be a challenge since I'd need another set of hands to make that happen. In the mean time, you'll have to be content with some older pictures I took of my experimenting in the beginning. Here are the some of the original colors I just dyed for my own creations. I have some bulky "Wool of the Andes" I want to do up in bright solids for fall again, so anyone interested, can try Fair Isles patterns with it for themselves. It's great fun working on this type of knitting for kids, and it goes really quick with the bulky and is super warm for winter wear. All these items I made are long gone, so I need to replenish again. So many ideas, so little time..
Something still available is this cute baby sweater and hat set.
Here's something I just whipped up and am planning on using for a special shawl pattern in the near future. I'm always very active on Ravelry and soon will be starting another test knit for Luis O'Neil of Impeccable Knits on Rav, one of my favorite designers. Do check out her group if you are a Rav member, you will become hooked very quickly, especially if you love cables and lace.
Here's a few more personal items I made using these wonderful tie dyed yarns from my Kool Aid play:
Next time I plan on showing you the new project bags that I've begun making to add to this shop as well. I am doing them in bright batik fabrics that will co-ordinate well with the yarns. Don't forget to look at my other shops because I have slowly been adding to them also. Looking forward to your feedback!!