Sunday, November 21, 2010

Come Play in the Snow with Us

Hi Everyone, Jesse here... Got some exciting news to share with you.. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, It's finally here again, our favoritest time of the year. It came the other night and boy were we excited.

Mom let us play long into the night, we weren't ready to come in yet, not with all this new fluffy white snow to kick up our heels in.
Arielle and I were so happy we had to explore every corner in our yard and roll in this new powder and of course I had to sing out to welcome the new season in properly.

All my pals helped me too so we had a great chorus going and the dogs down the hill at S*N*O even joined in to help spread the news to the whole country side. We sure do feel quite content in our element here in the heart of the Colville National Forest nestled among the tall Pine and Fir trees that are native to this area. Did you know that we share this forest with many other forms of wildlife? There are bears, but they are usually sleeping soundly at this time of year. The big mountian lions stick around and hunt in our back acreage. We have seen their huge pawprints in the snow when Mom has taken us out for a walk and believe me, I wouldn't want to meet any of them face to face because they are much bigger than me, and I'm the biggest guy in our pack. In fact they can average 200lbs easily and I'm in my 90's and feeling pretty fit, but I bet they could even out run me at my fastest. I'm glad we have good strong fences to keep us safe.
We also have a big pack of noisy coyotes that come regularly to ask us out to play with them. We aren't fooled by their tricks though, they'd eat us if they could, but we're much smarter than they think and are wise to their game.. We also have seen plenty of deer and wild turkeys these days, they aren't really afraid of us and come pretty close because they know we are on the inside and can't chase them even if we wanted to..well, we are dogs after all and that's what we'd do if we could.. So after a day of hard snow play what more could a dog want but a full meal and to cuddle up in our favorite spot by the warm cozy fire. Guess Mom's going to have to fight us for a seat at the fire .That's where we are right now so I'll say goodnight for now. Happy trails till next time..Jesse